What would be the most annoying thing about having a perfect duplicate of yourself as a roommate? (For me, she'd want to sit in my spot.)


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He'd be wearing all of my clothes and probably never do the laundry.

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He's want to do all the cooking.

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HappyTo BeHereTo
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I didn't know you're into cooking. Hey, at least he'd fix things the way you like them. :)
Ancient One
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Quick story: I have all my spices on a series of racks hanging on the inedside of the pantry door. I have them separated arding to use or some other common denomenator. All those I use in Italian fod together, all the poultry stuff together etc. When I was away on a trip one of my sisters-in-law came to stay with my wife. She dicided she wanted to help in "my kitchen". It took me weeks to find all my pans but the worst was she reorganized all my spices alphabetically.
HappyTo BeHereTo
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Oh, I'm like that too. Put it back where you found it, because that's where I want it! >:(
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She would be too old for my taste, would probably eat all of my hummus, and I know she wouldn't want to do the housework!

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Yin And Yang answered

She'd BETTER keep her hands off my husband! I'll scratch her eyes out!

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I don't see anything wrong with a 3d mirror to enslave in my bathroom

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