A friend of mine took videos and saved them, of me doing silly things while on vacation. I would like those videos, but I don't know how to ask for them without seeming weird or obsessive. Also, this was a few weeks ago so me asking is very random?


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How is it random? Jut tell your friend you had a great tie on vacation and you would like to have the videos so you can relive it.

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Sapphire  Ocean
Sapphire Ocean commented
Don't you think they'll perceive it as weird? Idk I figured they might think it's strange that I suddenly want the videos now
PJ Stein
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Why would it be weird? You are in the videos, you have a right to see them. You jut want to relive the fun times.
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If they are your friend they shouldn't mind at all. Just tell them you want to see them.  No harm in asking.

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