What do you do when your secret are hurting you?


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ly fen chen answered

Sure, I feel disappointed and sad. But on another point, it can give me an experience and i will have more confidence of myself.

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Danae Hitch answered

I guess it would depend on the secret and how it is hurting me. Some secrets are small - like telling a little white lie to your mom - saying you cleaned your room when you actually didn't.

Some secrets are big and scary - being sexually molested and afraid to speak up. So, we cannot give you a pat answer because we don't know what the situation is.

If you are being physically or sexually harmed, you need to speak up and tell someone so the nightmare that you are living will stop.

Other than that, you need to decide if the secret you are keeping is worth telling and what will happen if you decide to speak up.

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If you have a secret that is hurting you than it should not be a secret.!! Do you have a trusted adult that you can talk to? What about your parents can you talk to them. I would advise you to get help and support quick before things get worse. To put your mind at ease, things are never worse than they seem. I hope you make the right choice and soon. I often do research to clear my thoughts on

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If your secret is that you have a headache, or appendicitis . . It could literally be hurting you.

Depends if your secret is abusive to yourself or others . . .

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