why is it that, when we love or like someone dearly ,and when they break our heart badly,then the only choice we are left with is to hate them?why not other emotion?why is hate the only emotion that occurs ?


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That hate is just a way of masking the hurt you feel. FYI, that hate is wasted time and energy. It is almost inevitable that by that person being gone, you will meet someone who is a whole lot better.

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Speak for yourself.

I have had my heart broken numerous times, and I *never* felt hate.

Most people I know, did not feel hate.  Confusion, sadness, anger ... Sure.  But not hate.

The only people I know that felt hate, were those who thought the other person belonged to them. 

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Nice Girl
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well, when you feel a person belongs to you , it just means deep love , dont you think? and by hate i mean, not many people are able to make friends with those whom they once loved dearly and were hurt by!
Walt O'Reagun
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"well, when you feel a person belongs to you , it just means deep love , dont you think"

NO ... it means possession, and is not a healthy view of a relationship. It is the viewpoint that causes abusive relationships.

And if you can't even be friends with the person, it wasn't love in the first place. More than likely, it was only physical attraction - or chemical reaction.
Nice Girl
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i got it the first time, and knew it before already, i just commented it still-i dont know why- , never mind, thank you!
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Sad, hurt but not hate.

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I disagree.  Hating someone after you've broken up only hurts you in the long run. There is too much energy expended in trying to hate someone because it didn't work out between you.

I would encourage you to spend some time in reflection of the entire relationship - both good and bad - and see if there are any adjustments that you can make going forward to make the next relationship work out in a more positive manner.

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They say, " To error is human,

To forgive divine"

Consider the fact that they were doing the

best they could. Not everyone is like you.

Try your level best not to hate anything.

I dislike a lot. But hate is to strong for me,

because then I start to change myself and that

hurts me and it hurts my life.

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