How do I win my (ex) fiance back? :'(


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I think that she does not love you. She found someone else.

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You need to heal what is broken inside of you before you even THINK about dating someone INCLUDING your ex! You are using this new girl and she don't deserve that. You clearly have not let your ex go. Moving on takes time. You are too obsessed with her current situation. My first thought would be to seek a councilor (maybe a grief councilor) because this is a loss so you are grieving. Just because the person is not dead does not mean you are not grieving. You are clearly grieving a loss. Except for this loss is like a ghost haunting you. You need to give yourself time. Healing will not happen over night. But please what ever you do, please do not get into a relationship. Stay single till you have healed. You will thank yourself one day. Besides if she comes back.... Don't you want her to come back to the very BEST you you can be? :0)

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Okay so we date for 5 months and I'm about to propose to her for Valentine's day... We have a massive fight and she ditches me. I saw signs that I was screwing up and I was fixing all of that. Before I had the chance to explain she was already gone. I return to her again on Valentine's day with a letter of apology begging her back. She doesn't come back. I later return a week later to talk to her face to face. I beg her back to the point of tears. She refuses again. I then find her dating someone else who abuses her and I voice my concerns to her family. Her family agree to a degree yet she caucuses a massive argument on her front and her family back her. It's been a month going into two she's still with this guy and he has threatened me on multiple occasions. She tells me to move on I try. I date another girl and it doesn't work. I don't feel proper love like I do for my girl I threw away the engagement ring in a lake. I'm primarily waiting my girls new relationship out but even if it does I have no idea how to win her back. I have lost my sanity to a degree where I hallucinate about my girl coming back

All I want is her back.

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