Why are paternal grandparents viewed as less important than maternal grandparents with many paternal grandparents denied contact with their sons' children?


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Tom Jackson answered

Most mothers wind up with custody of the children.

So which grandparents do you think mothers are more comfortable with---their own parents or the parents of their ex-husbands.

Also, probably there is a likelihood of bad memories with such ex in-laws.

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Anonymous......There could be many reasons, however one in particular could be - what kind of relationship did the parents have with the grandparents?

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This actually was answered to me one time and I don't think the person knew I heard what she said....... Unfortunately I believe there was some truth in it. This was right after my husband and I had our first daughter. I was at my mother in laws house and she had her best friend over. My mother in law was saying something about how wonderful it was being a grandma for the first time and her friend replied "just wait. It will be much different when your daughter has children then your son. There is a extra special bond because it is your daughter." Let's just say.... That grandma does not know our children nearly as well as my mom knows our children. Yes they are a part of their lives but they are not very close. And before her daughter upped and left her five children, this grandma insisted on living across the street from her daughter and her children. Now that her daughter is moved away, this grandma is just kind of in the background of ALL 9 of these grandchildrens lives. It's kind of sad.

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