I feel so boring and uninteresting?


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What are your friends talking about? Do a little research before you meet up with them and then you can discuss what they are talking about.

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Well before I start. I just wanna tell you that I'm 14 years old so yes I'm in high school. I have only like two or erm three friends and the rest are just associates. One of my friends her name is Monet she is very smart and outgoing, everybody likes her and she is very fun to hang around. But it's like when I'm with her, we don't really say much. She does all the talking but I never know what to say so I just nod or laugh at few of the things she says, but we're not really...Having a conversation. Because of that she hardly ever speaks to me anymore . She hangs with her other friends more than me and I'm starting to get a little...Jealous. I'm a rally possessive person so things matter to me, people that I love matter to me. I might not tell her that I love her but I really do love her. I just never know how to put it and everything I say never comes outright so she doesn't really know how I feel about her. So yeah, she usually doesn't speak to me that much now and her friends are constantly dragging her away from me. My second friend is Cameron. Cameron is very outgoing and fun to hang with too. She has mentioned to me that I am boring and I knew it. She didn't even have to tell me because I knew but I am getting tired of this. Why aren't I as outgoing as them? And what can I do to become more outgoing. They are starting to not want to hang with me anymore because of this . I only have them. I don't wanna loose them please help

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Try a team-sport so you don't just have these two exclusive friends. It may help also to read some of the other replies here Not just this thread, but other answers at this site.
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Some people tend to confuse introversion with boringness.

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If you want to be someone else,

change your mind.

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