Does kissing your own feet increase soccer ball control. I know it sounds disgusting but i do it rarely and i dont know if i should stop that habit for skills?


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Yes. It increases flexibility which is wonderful for sports.

Just air kiss them. Why ?⬇Athlete's foot and foot fungus

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No more than kissing your fingertips makes you a surgeon, or handing a wrench to a monkey makes him a mechanic.

Great skill, or greater skills, are rendered consistently by one means: Practicing the particular skill over and over to attain mastery. 

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I assume you are talking about stretching---ask your coach.

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You really have to be kidding here or at least I hope but then again if it works for you, then we don't need to know what works for you as this is pretty sick and unhealthy but its your life. That said, whoever told you to do this has a twisted mind and is playing you.  The biggest thing here is if you have the skills and ability to really play soccer and are great at it, then everything else doesn't matter and if you aren't, there is no special spell , recipe or anything else that will help you be a better player.  Good l;uck

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I'd kiss my wallet but I don't think it would make me richer . . .

Though  I've never heard of trying to kiss one's feet I can see that the stretch to attempt to do so can limber you up which is good for sports.

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