Why do men complain so much about paying Child Support for children they willingly laid down to create?


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Let's be fair with that statement .. Not ALL men complain, or shirk their responsibilities. Some go beyond their 'call of duty' and should be given credit for their recognition of their responsibility and contribution.

Some men complain for a variety of reasons .. Of those, most are selfish and irresponsible .. Some of those, feel that they were 'trapped' by their female counterparts because they purposesly got pregnant in order to force a lifetime connection.

Regardless of how they got in the predicament .. It's hard to deny the fact that they were willing participants in a 'risky' endeavor.  One that may be followed with something that some would consider a 'consequence' , while others would consider it a 'blessing'.

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Since you're only addressing the men who wanted children in the first place. So going from that, some complain because they're immature and shouldn't have had the child in the first place, some complain because they aren't able to see their child which I think is reasonable. Those are the only reasons I've seen.  So, I don't know exactly why they complain. Of course, there are cases of underage children forced to "do it" with another woman and were forced to pay child support. I could only judge from examples you could give us.

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Why did you ask this question anonymously?

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A way oversimplified question.

Most men who marry either actively want children or at least implicitly acknowledge that they might have one or even more.

And most men (and I would think also most women) want to stay married and in a family unit.

Unfortunately, some women think a child will save a relationship and choose to be fertile when the man thinks that the chance of having a given child at a given time is at an absolute minimum when the wife has in fact made pregnancy a high probability.

That is not what a man expected from a partner he assumed he could trust.

And that can change a man's feelings about his offspring---while the child is always a victim with a capital V, the man may be a victim as well.

I could mention a number of other possibilities, but my point here is just to back up my claim that this question is oversimplified.

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I have had very few men I know complain about paying child support, and it wasn't paying for their child they complained about. One had a hard time understanding paying when they had joint custody. He had his child one week and his ex the other week. He paid for the child's insurance and the private school. He bought clothes for his child. In other words he was already paying for the majority of the child's expenses. The only thing he didn't pay for was the food the child ate while with the mother. The mother made as much money as the father, so it was not a hardship on the mother to feed her child. He also didn't complain publicly about it. It was just close friends who knew.

Another complained because even though he was paying his child support he was being kept from his child. There was no reason other than the mother being selfish.

Another complained that even though he paid his child support his ex would constantly come back for more, and would say the power was going to be cut off, or they were out of food, etc., yet the  mother would not look for a job, and had money to party with friends.

None of these men were complaining about supporting their children, they were upset with the system they treated them unfairly. I also know it was not them talking bad about their exes, as I knew most of the exes and know they were telling the truth. Two of the men could not afford to hire an attorney to get full custody. The third was still going through the divorce proceedings and knew if he pushed his ex, she would do her best to take his company. When the divorce was finalized, he was going to go back for full custody, and I sincerely hope he gets it.

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