How Much Should I Pay In Child Support For 2 Kids?


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To work out how much you have to pay is a lengthy process. This cannot be worked out just from asking how much money should be paid out for two children. The amount being paid changes with each circumstance. There are many ways in which the support is worked out and these shall be discussed below.

The amount you will need to pay will depend on your weekly income. The higher you earn, the more you are likely to pay. You are also likely to pay more if you have assets worth more than £65 000. The amount also depends on factors such as how many nights you are with the children and whether you receive any benefits.

The amount being paid may change if you have to pay other expenses, for example, if you keep in contact with your children even if the parent in care has moved far away. The amount will also change if the children who live with you have disabilities or a long-term illness. Other circumstances include if you are paying off a debt from before you split with your partner, as long as it benefitted the family. The amount will also change if you are still paying off the mortgage of your shared family home.

The Child Support Agency (CSA) will answer all of your questions once you have made an application. It even has a calculator so you can know roughly how much you will be spending. However, an application cannot be made if the parent with care or the children are living abroad, or if the non-resident parent lives abroad and do not work for a UK-based employer or work for the armed forces. Contact with the CSA is essential.
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It all depends on how much money he makes. The more he is paid the more gets taken out of his paycheck. It doesn't really matter how many children he has. Someone can have one child and get $100-$200 taken from there check a week, and someone else "who makes less" can have 3 children and get the same taken out a week.
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It depends on the state you live in. Some states only count his income and others count moms/dads together and come up with a support amount. Some states have done this because the parent that is getting support sometimes would live off of that support. It is for the kids not the parent. Both parents have to contribute to the kids.
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Child support is just that SUPPORT. Not "for the kids" but for the custodial PARENT to be able to pay bill keep a roof over their heads and food in the tummy as well as lights water and heat, no matter what state u live in the kids must all have the necessities so "living" off child support is still supporting the kids doing what it was intended to do.
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It is based on a formula the Friend of the Court uses. It is based on both parent's income.
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He pays whatever the courts decide what he should pay. Each state has different rules about that. Check the laws in your state, or visit the court where child support is coming from and they will tell you what he should be paying. Of course you can take it back to court to fight for more.
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The states of nc child support rule

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