I'm nearly 5'8 and my femur is fused can I possibly be 5'10 I'm my dad 5'10 mom 5'5 it feels like i haven't really grown in a while I turned 17 August 24, 2016?


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There was once a teen who asked 50 Billion LOL  Questions (another site) about why she wasn't tall, will she get tall, talk people have all the fun, etc. At the end of all those questions and why can't I be tall, etc. She was still 5'5" then and now. 

Point: Most women stop growing taller between 15-18.

I've been 5'8" for nearly 50 years.

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Parents height does not determine everything. There are more factors involved which only one of them is the genetic carried by the parents.

Genome and DNA have a very complicated system, humans could not discover the whole structure yet. DNA works on it's own and it can fall anywhere. You can be taller or shorter than your parents and their genetic don't determine your final image. You also can take the most genome related to human height by your grands or further family-cycle and generation because DNA stores the information containing every detail from it's existence related to your generation. Basically growing process can take place till the person reach the 25 years old milestone. This is where everything finishes developing in order of growth. Some people attend to have switched growth process. Imagine a male, grows facial hair first, then start growing height! Or vise versa! But usually growing process ends between the ages 18-20. There is another factor which is "environment" the outside of your genome. Growing in a right required environment and nutrition are factors to notice and carefully take care of.

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