What can I do about my uncle (read comment)?


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Do you have a smart phone? You video is behavior and you call the cops. He needs to be what in Florida is called Baker Acted. Different states have other names, but it is where someone who is mentally incompetent is put into a medical facility because they are a danger to themselves or others. If you don't want to call the cops, talk to a school counselor about getting help. No one should live in fear. 

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My uncle, who is 39 and mentally challenged, is addicted to drugs and cigarettes. He throw tantrums and destroy things, threaten people when my Mother (his sister, also his payee) doesn't supply him with food, drugs or cigarettes. I don't feel safe around him, he threatens to blow up the house. He also has a history of violence. He's always bragging about being violent, obviously because the music he listens to (hip-hop mostly) glorifies violence and makes it the ultimate cool thing to be proud of. He's being kind of aggressive towards me now because, I didn't give him money for cigarettes. Simply because he ate all the food in the house  I had to spend extra money on food to eat, also gave him a total of 15 dollars from my food budget for cigarettes.

When ever he gets money he spends every last cent on drugs, instead of important stuff. He smells bad, wears the same clothes everyday and has no furniture in his house. His payee allows him to spend all his free money on drugs instead, so then we are responsible for feeding him, clothing him and buying him drugs- or get hurt. He's a hazard, what can I do?

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