Why do we do the things that we do?


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I do the things I do because I'm just a plain Almond Joy Nut.

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Dear Purple Haze,

It was the Buddhists who have the answer there that makes all sorts of sense to me...and that is,

Every single thing we ever do is done for one purpose, only one reason, and that reason is we are trying to be happy.

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its human nature

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Each person has their own motivations. It often depends on the things that happened in their lives and how they were treated.

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Its the choices that we make.

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Hippy's answer is good. So is Michael's. And it's hard to deny Virginia's.

Me? I think we do what we do because of our conditioning. From childhood we learn to react in certain ways to particular stimuli. As we mature we get the chance to step back and examine our reactions with reason. Eventually we do the things we do because they feel appropriate to our self-awareness.

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Virginia Lou
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Dozy, just for you...this same jingle went on for AT LEAST ten years with visual variations...advertising the candy...

(HOwever the best commercial I EVER saw was one you showed us from Australia...had an elephant...just totally funny!)
Jann Nikka
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Didge, I thought the Almond Joy was worldwide even in OZ, as they say in American, my bad mate. LOL. See you the next question 🐸
Jann Nikka
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@ V thanks

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