Was/Is it important to you to put yourself through college and not your parents or other relatives?


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The Federal government aka American people helped me. I thank each and every one. Thank you.

My family and relatives didn't and don't care if I live or die. They've never helped me and never will. 

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Walt O'Reagun answered


It was important for me to get through college.  Having to work full time at the same time, to provide for my family ... Getting financial help from my parents was added incentive to do my best.

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These two aren't related! Parents can't provide what college provides and college can't provide what parents provides! It's better we put ourselves through both. However, for someone like me and Jan which family is not really an option, i would put myself through anyone but not relatives.

Each part college and family are separated experiences.

However, college you earn a particular knowledge, it puts you in job market, job market creates you a job, a job brings you money, and money confirm your first needs and support your living.

So it's really matter of differences here!

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I never got the opportunity to put my parents or relatives through anything. Not that actually, I wanted to.....

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It was definitely very important for me to go to college, but my parents also cared a lot, considering they've been paying almost entirely for it. My parents did go to college as well, so it has been important to most of my family for a while.

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My parents couldn't afford to pay for my college, so I used grants, loans and i worked. As a step parent, my husband and I paid for my step daughter's tuition. Her mother and step dad paid for books and supplies. She worked to pay for housing..

I think it is important for college students for college students to work. It helps them develop a good work ethic and an understanding of how businesses work. That way when they get their diploma they will hopefully understand that it will not get them a job as a vice president with a huge salary, but it will get them in the door at a lower level. And with a developed work ethic they will know how to  move up the ladder.

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The important thing at the time was getting the degree.

I had scholarships, and help from my parents.  After freshman year, I told them I would take over the financial requirements.

Frankly, I don't remember exactly why I did that---there were never any issues.  College was always assumed just like highschool was.

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