What Factors Other Than Pay Do You Consider Most Important In Evaluating Yourself Or Your Success?


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Success is measured in many ways other than capital gain. Psychologists have researched this area and universally agree that the effects of money are too quickly forgotten. Much more important is the effects on happiness and self esteem.

Firstly, map out your long term success in the form of small goals. When people measure their success in terms of big goals, the hard work that goes into it is often overlooked and so they feel deflated and less motivated. Seeing several small steps achieved means you can be certain you are continuing in the right direction. Be determined and dedicated towards your success. This will help you stay on track and help you see results. Self satisfaction comes from knowing that you have worked hard and to a rewarding end.

Monitor your own success rather than relying on others. It is fantastic to get compliments and words of encouragement from others, but this depends on the type of person you are working with. Some people's character is naturally negative and so you need to be able to pay yourself compliments as well as be your best critic. If you are not happy with your performance, change it. Analyse where it is going wrong and see it as a learning curve.

Most importantly check your health and happiness. Make sure the results are not having an adverse effect on your own or your family's life. Make sure you are enjoying your achievements and that you are giving as well as getting the recognition you deserve. If you can achieve what you want and be happy whilst doing it then this is the greatest measure of success.

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