I so want to develop reading habit but every time I decide to open up a book or daily paper, I end up boring myself so I leave it. How can I change that?


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Try reading when you're sitting on the toilet. I always get absorbed in things that way, and it helps you to relax :)

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Odd question considering your self-description as "amateur writer".

To begin, read only those things that interest you, whether they be penny-dreadfuls, sci-fi, Mills and Boon, or even Marvel Comics. Doesn't matter. Get into the swing of things.

When you find an author you like you'll enjoy reading his/her books and will soon find more of the same. Web sites like Fantastic Fiction allow you to find other authors who write similar stuff.

Allow your curiosity to develop. When something unfamiliar occurs to you -- either from your reading, television, conversation, or just from the depths of your imagination -- chase it up. Use the Internet, if you like (who says all reading has to be from books?) or a library.

Books are a magic carpet that entertain and inform. You'll easily find a genre that appeals to you.

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Armaghan Ali
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There are some wise words there, I'm feeling better now. Thank you. By amateur writer I meant Im or lets just say I was a blogger. I just used to spend my nights describing things and what not. Anyway. I'll definitely work on it. Thank you again. :)
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You've just got to find the right book.

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Armaghan Ali
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Thank you so much. I did manage to find a couple of books last week. I've always loved reading Paulo Coelho and I believe I won't be disappointed.

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