What do you do when a close friend becomes a close friend of someone you dislike? I've been going through this for the past year and find it very awkward. It has hurt my relationship with my friend.


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Just stay neutral. Friendly with your friend as maybe he see's the person you dislike differently. You might even try to square things up with the disliked person and put your differences behind you. Much better to make friends than to have a grudge. Don't you think? Give it your best shot and you'll all be friends.

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Noel Branson
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I've tried to be neutral, but it's hard. I don't want to be friends with this woman, because she's a bully. I caught her verbally abusing another mutual friend who's semi-retarded. Furthermore, she's obnoxious, trying to force her religious and political views on everyone around her.
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I've dealt with a few of those over the years. Either have it out with her once and for all or do your best to avoid any and all contact. If these other people are really your friends? They'll see what you're dealing with. True friends stick by your side no matter what!
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I just mind ninja the friend I wanna keep. I've always been very successful in my mind ninja abilities ...if that does not work put on your most effective pout as a last resort... If that doesn't work ... I got nothing until I fet there then. Bam !

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I have this same thing right now! My really good friend befriended some guy I think is a jack-you-know-what. Because of our good friendship with our mutual friend, we've learned to barely tolerate each other. Did I mention barely tolerate? Think of it this way. Would you rather lose your good friend because of someone you dislike?

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You have to expect that your friends will have other friends.  You're not going to like all of them .. And that's OK.  You can still enjoy your friend without being with all of their other friends. 

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