There is a situation at work where I am a bit confused with the way my co-manager is treating me. I am just a normal associate at a grocery store. I want to post my story here, but it would have way too many paragraphs. Is there anyone who is mature and wise enough to help me out, maybe on private message or something? Someone who has the time to sit down and read my pointless sentences would be soooo helpful to me.


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If your boss is a professional manager, he would never want to become involved with an employee.  Better to just do your job and keep personal feelings out of it.

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If I posted my whole story you would understand what I mean. He would act very different with me, and I would catch him staring and smiling at me for like 5 minutes while I am working. He is the one that is approaching me and talking. I am the one that is trying my best to avoid him.
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then keep it that way and youll be alright
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I don't even need to hear your story here to answer you. Employment place romances are no good  as there is so much that can go wrong and youll end up losing everything here so in other words forget it. Also quit reading into anything your coManager says or how he acts toward you. This can only lead to a huge disaster and in all my years, I have yet to see one that actually worked.  If you did try and something went wrong or just didn't work out and say you started something because of it, who do you think the Company is going to believe?  Also this would go down on your employment history for life an not many companys would take a chance on you no matter how good you are at what you do.  This is why majority of companys have by-laws forbidding company romances. Just let this go and find someone who doesn't work there as its so much more safer and fun, when you don't have to keep watching over your shoulder and not get roped into the water cooler grapevine. Good luck

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No good will come of this, no matter how much you like him or crush on him. It's a work environment and you need to keep you conduct professional at all times, especially if he's your manager.

You can like him all you want to but realize that this should not go beyond that unless you are no longer with the company. You will be committing professional suicide if you were to act on your feelings.

Do your job, be friendly and professional and you will be just fine. Do not take this any further than that. Work is work. If you want to find a boyfriend, find those among your friends, at a bar, etc., but not at work.

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