Do you think people (including ourselves) are judgmental? If yes, how do you think we can become less judgmental?


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I think its ingrained our nature to be judgmental, as well an asset to our survival to be capable of making intelligent judgments. I would suggest that someone who doesn't make any judgments isn't doing much thinking. Many issues arise, IMO, when people expose or impose their uninvited judgments onto others. We should steer away from allowing ourselves to be controlled by the views of other people, but thoughtful constructive criticism, call it coaching, can be invaluable at times.

To the second question, I'd say practicing polite discretion in communicating our judgments would be far more reasonable than denying our nature and our need to render judgment. 

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Ally Gh
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By judgmental, I meant judging people for who they are
Call me Z
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I get that. But we all make asessments of other people privately in our own minds, it might be unrealistic to expect people to not judge at some level. "She is a good person", or "I find them obnoxious". This is a function we evolved for self-protection. The problem is asserting that thinking in a public way. What you are really talking about is gossip and running people down out of spite or ignorance. These can be resolved with a dose of discretion and a measure of mutual respect, values we see less and less emphasized nowadays.
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I know you clarified your question under your comment to the Z, but the following is still meaningful:

Aristotle said the human mind is a machine for coming to
conclusions, so in a sense, we are judgmental by nature.  That’s just how we work. 

I would suggest that we be more aware that the judgments
that we come to and express will fall into one of two categories---opinions and
statement s of fact.

Ideally, they should fall into both, unless they are
specifically and / or can be obviously designated as “opinions.”

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Tom  Jackson
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Thoughtful indulgence is the primary appropriate response to your (occasionally) esoteric cogitations.
Call me Z
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Indeed, it appears you get me (occasionally). Kudos.
Tom  Jackson
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I always "get you." I just don't always "feel you."---LOL
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Hatred judgemental No.

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me, having bad social anxiety, i think everyone is judgemnetal towards me in a negtive way even if it might not be true.

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Thank you all. Human beings are judgmental by nature. I did not mean that kind of judgment. I did not even mean judging people as good or bad. What I meant was judging the actions rather than the people themselves. For instance, you see someone with a rather different hair-style and you judge him/her. Or maybe you judge someone for being gay. Or judging people based on the way they wear their clothes. Such things were my point of focus.

Thank you all anyway

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