For women only if you saw transgender woman would you hang out with her or Even date her? Other wise if you saw a transgender woman in a bar would you a process her and hang out just talking or would you want to take her home and have intimate relations with her?


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John Doe Profile
John Doe answered

No, I don't date women....or men who want to be a woman...I like my man to be a man....through and through.

Jaimie  JT Profile
Jaimie JT answered

Honestly , I don't understand this question , blonde moment maybe :p I know what trans gender means .. And I've never hid fact that I'm bi sexual but I prefer men in relationships .. But transsexual confuses me :(

Lia Tan Profile
Lia Tan answered

If I saw any person (whether they are transgender or not), I'd only hang around them if they were nice and respectful to me. Honestly what gender they identify as has no correlation to the likelihood of me hanging out with them. As long as they have a good personality, I would love to have them as a friend.

For dating purposes, I also don't see an issue as long as they are a good person and you find them compatible with you. I have been attracted to females before so I don't see the reason why I'd have a problem if I were to be attracted to a woman who happens to be transgender (because she is after all just another woman). It's not any different than being attracted to any other woman except this woman may still have her male parts intact which doesn't really matter to me. Being who I am, my partner's genitalia isn't something that I prioritize when I like someone. For others, this may turn them off and/or freak them out to know that their genitalia isn't "lined up" with their gender and they are entitled to have that opinion as much as I am entitled to have mine. Everyone has their own standards and there isn't one that's better than another. Anyway, this is all very hypothetical since I'm usually more attracted to men than women, but I personally don't see a problem if I liked a woman who just so happens to be trans.

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