Ponder This: You're always telling people how "honest" you are. But every day you're knowingly deliberately doing 12 little sneaking, underhanded, backstabbing things. Are you really as "honest" as you claim to be?


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I agree with Tyto. I never tell anyone I'm completely honest as I know I've made some errors in life and had to work my way out of them. I don't think anyone is totally honest all the time. All we can do is try our best!

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I like this definition of “honest”:  Honorable in principles, intentions, and
actions; upright and fair.

I have that reputation among the people I
know, and I try to maintain that reputation---as a human, I do fail.

But one “boss” once said of me in front of a
number of others:  “If Tom refuses to do
something, you better believe there is a damn good reason.”

And as a Catholic, if I do commit an injustice,
I am bound in conscious to undue it to the extent possible---and that is a
pretty good motivation to do the right thing the first time.

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On Ask, somebody asked the question, "What is the biggest lie you have ever told." My answer was, "I have never told a lie in my life."

I wasn't claiming to be truthful: I was just pointing out that my biggest lie was to claim never to have told a lie.

Of course I'm honest. Basically. Mostly. Nearly all the time. But I'm human, too, with all the foibles and failures of the rest of the breed. I am not (in your words) always telling people how honest I am. I make no claims at all. People take me as they find me.

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Jann Nikka
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My question is a bit deep than the answers here. I know people who are always claiming their honest, when in fact they are deliberately and knowingly deceptive. Not in a huge way, but subtle. I'm certainly not judging in a negative way. Just saying, the major of them I don't like being around them and my conversation is limited to none. My thoughts are they really can't be trusted with the small things. I hope, I'm making sense. Thanks
Didge Doo
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I would certainly judge such people in a negative way. Being judgmental is a necessary part of living in a community. Not to make judgments about people is to leave yourself open to all kinds of exploitation.
Being bitchy with it is bad, though. :)
Sorry, I read your question in more general terms.
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Your answer is very good. I'll add more when I get home.

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