How to make life better?


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in my opinion

just be happy,cheerfull,be positive always.... This will make u and your surrounding people happy.

Another thing i want to say that to live your day as if it is your last.... Live your life with passion.

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How about allowing the most ancient book written ( the Bible) give you wisdom. The Bible can provide answers to life's important questions and can help you to feel better and have a sense of well-being. Consider some questions that it answers.

1. DOES GOD CARE ABOUT ME? Rather than portraying God as aloof from mankind, the Bible says: He is not far off from each one of us". (Acts 17:27) He is interested in what happens to you and wants to help you succeed in life. Isaiah 48:17, 18.

God created us with a "spiritual need", an innate hunger to understand the meaning and the purpose of life. (Matthew 5:3) Our spiritual need also includes a desire to know our creator and to have a relationship with him. God will welcome your efforts to get to know him, for the Bible says: "Draw close to God, and he will draw close to you." James 4:8.

Millions of people have found that building a friendship with God has improved their overall well-being and shown them how to feel good about their lives. While knowing God will not make your life trouble free, his wisdom found in the Bible can help you to: 1) Have a happier family life. 2) Enjoy peace with others.
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Do whatever makes you happy and fun.  Helping others is another thing to make your life better because helping others make you feel good about yourself.

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Don't swet the small stuff,

and it's all small stuff.

It is what it is, and

it ain't what it ain't.

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