Which one would you choose: (1) guy who make your heart beats faster but has no time for you even just 5 minutes a day, or (2) guy who always there for you whenever you need him, but he can't make your heart beat faster?


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dragonfly forty-six Profile

Dump the first jerk. Friendzone the second one until you either fall for him or know that friendship is all there is. While waiting to figure it out get out there and do some dating. What you want is the combo of the two. You want the flutters of the first guy paired with the goodness of the second. Don't ever settle. You wait and be alone until you find just the right one. Nothing wrong with being alone and comfy in your own skin. If you don't feel differently about second guy, free him up so he can date the right girl.

Arthur Wright Profile
Arthur Wright , Florida Paralegal with a BS degree in Social-Psychology, answered

Actually neither since Im not into guys but nevertheless go for guy #2 as he will be easier to catch and mold into what you are looking for and as youll always be number 1 in his life instead of the hare who is in such a hurry to get nowhere fast except his grave eventually.  Good luck

Oliver Lovett Profile
Oliver Lovett answered

The second one. Why would you ever go for someone you can't rely on? Also, you never said I had to date one, tho it was implied... Still, the second guy sounds like a dreamboat :D

Bikergirl Anonymous Profile

Well, I can tell you who I DON'T want ..

I don't want someone who is not as invested in me as am with him

I don't want someone who does not respect me enough to understand my emotional needs, and won't make an effort

I don't want someone who is too far into himself to care about and for me

I don't want someone who is not looking in the same direction as I am in terms of our relationship

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