What would you do, if you were looking after your 86-year-old grandfather, carefully, and one day his heart suddenly stopped beating? Would you panic and rush out into the road, shouting and screaming for an ambulance?


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Steve Robinson answered
I'd roll him over, check his wallet for cash, then carefully replace it...:)))))))))
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Tony Newcastle
Tony Newcastle commented
Well that's a different kind of an answer, anyway, Steve.
They say that dead men can't talk,...hmmm,...but they also say that money talks,...hmmm....
.....very curious!
Addilynn Addilynn Profile
No...id jus let him die...his time was up..he had to go..if sumbody is dead rushing and panicking does not help..spposed to remain calm in  emergencies....so id calmly call up somebody..altho i wudnt expect him to live..8)
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Tony Newcastle
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Yes, indeed. If you tried to resuscitate him, the shock of that might kill him anyway. I don't like the way, on TV Shows such as CASUALTY, that the medics bang hard on someone's chest to try to resuscitate someone who is unconscious. Eddie Stobart, the trucker-firm founder, died of a heart attack last week, and he was only 56!
Addilynn Addilynn
Yeh true..ur not spposes to ressusitate if ther person isnt exactly dead...and wats the point of callin the ambulance for a dead person..?...wen sumbody who is bout to die is in mre need..cus they r not dead yet...yeh casualty jus nother program..
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Maxine Chan answered
Just call the hospital and an ambulance for help, so yes I agree with Brittany to call 911 for help.
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rosa baez answered
Call 911 then try cpr.  If you dont know cpr the red cross and other places conduct cpr classes for a small fee.

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