What's the worst feeling?


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Heartbreak 💔

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That would be the feeling you get when you attempt suicide by jumping off a tall building and then change your mind on the way down.

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The worst feeling . . So many feelings could be worse .  . .

Like each time you return from school in fear of an a**hole that don't deserve to be called father. To live in insecurity of his violence & not being able to guess what's waiting for you in home. & you be child enough to not be able to defend yourself or express yourself loud.

To be innocent & some eyes look at you as guilty.

To know someone has a problem & you can't help them.

Not being able to be there when someone needs you

And that you fail an important event or to lose a big opportunity

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Seeing your spouse hooked up to a ventilator, in a coma, and being told he can die.

He did not and is doing fine now.

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