Can a person (in their 30's) live with out romanticism and/or intimacy, if they made the choice to live to make their children happy, neglecting one's self until they're grown? How is it possible?


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You can do that should you choose to. I highly doubt your children are going to be happy if mom and dad are not can try and "hide" the unhappiness, but ultimately, the kids are going to pick up on the resentment that is between mom and dad. They will also pick up on the lack of romance and loving between the two of you....and when they're grown....I doubt they'll appreciate the effort and sacrifice.

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Believe me when I say the outcome of such actions, though to the individual they may seem noble or necessary, is far less then perfect and in actuality causes more emotional harm than ever expected. I have known many adults who have sacrificed themselves this way for their children and have failed beyond belief. Those who succeed actually abstain to a major degree / cut back a lot but do not abandon romance etc entirely. In some cases the right person came along and they all lived happily ever after. In other cases their children grew to be fine adults but they found themselves wanting and suffering from a loss that cannot be recovered. Chose your actions wisely, carefully, and methodically. Only YOU know the answer.

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