I'm new here, I don't know any of you but I'd like to, so tell me one thing about yourself?


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Rooster Cogburn , Rooster Cogburn, answered

I'm one of the Administrators here and have been on this site almost two years. I welcome you to blurtit and hope you enjoy yourself. Anything else you wish to know is on my profile page.

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I'm fabulous ūüéá

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Ancient Hippy answered

I'm older than dirt.

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Soul Fly answered

Welcome to Blurtit Victor.

one thing about me: I collect rare band posters. Heres one of my favorites.

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Soul Fly
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@Fredereick Absolutely, as well as Mr. Bungle which has Mike Patton. Nothing alike but worth the mention.
Soul Fly
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@Kass, Epic is one hell of a song! if you don't know know it, try listening to 'Everything's Ruined'
Soul Fly
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@Vic, you got it!
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Frederick Fisk answered

Hello and welcome. :)

I'm a musician - mainly bass guitar, but dabbling in acoustic guitar, harmonica, ocarina, hand drums and ukulele.

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Dakota  Mackenzie
Dakota Mackenzie commented
I thought of Zelda too lol
Dakota  Mackenzie
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That's awesome! My sister had an Ocarina, I took it to a con to use for my outfit and she put it in her backpack at one point, it fell out and shattered on the bathroom floor. L.. My back pack for school this year is the Hylian shield :)
I haven't played all of The Windwaker but I want to. (: I really enjoyed Twilight Princess and I really like Majora's Mask!
Frederick Fisk
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Oh sweet, Zelda fans!
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Hi there :) welcome to blurtit, hope you settle down & enjoy your time here, there's plenty of great people here, almost most of them commented to you already. They're friendly  & so great. I experienced it ;) so just give yourself time & you'll enjoy it.

-Music & soccer are my passions! & the drum on my profile is my handsome boy!!

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