What is one of the nicest things someone has ever done for you?


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When my family and I first moved from Michigan to North Carolina, I was 7 at the time, we were flat broke and it was around Christmas time. Obviously, my parents were alittle upset because they couldn't afford anything for gifts. A local church found out and bought my brother, my sister, and I everything we had asked for and included some gifts for my parents as well. They came, delivered the gifts, said Merry Christmas, and left. We continued that tradition a few years later and bought gifts for other families that were in the same situation we were in. Best of luck to you!

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Back in 1988 the boss called me in and said they were going to let me go. Technology was catching up to my line of work. I'd never lost a job in my life before and I was pretty shattered. 

That lunch time I was walking down the street and there was a young girl, about 17. Walking towards me. I scarcely noticed her but she must have seen the expression on my face and she gave me the biggest smile. 

By the time I got my face unfrozen enough to smile back she was gone but she made a difference and I began to stop feeling sorry for myself. She has no idea what she did for me and she'd be in her 40s now. I hope she's having a good life.

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A while ago, a friend of mine was having some housing problems and needed somewhere to stay, so he crashed on our couch for a few weeks.

Years later, he was getting married, and to say thanks, he invited us to his wedding in Korea.

He paid for mine and my girlfriend's flights, and we stayed with him and his family for 2 weeks. It was probably the funnest two weeks of my life so far.

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I had a friend who wouldn't leave my side until he knew I was okay.

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Darling Divaa
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What a great friend. He's a keeper... (: Thank you for sharing...
Roy Lovett
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He is c: And you're very welcome ^^ I like your questions :3!!
dragonfly forty-six
I had one of those. He stayed with me because my chill mom passed away. He didn't talk, just stayed with me until I could stand on my two feet again. I will forever remember his kindness and compassion that day.
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One of the nicest things someone has done? ^^ There are so many. :) I had been struggling with self image, I wouldn't eat and I was just in a bad place... I couldn't get help from friends, most of them left me alone and I pushed others away. A new boy had come to our school (I'm 15, a freshman and he's 18, a senior.) I started talking to him because of my best friend. He helped me a lot and I started eating more, I was a happier healthier me. :) We are dating now and I'm very thankful to have him. He's going through some stuff right now and I want to repay the favor. He graduated and will be a freshman in college while I'm a sophomore in high school. What he did for me was truly the nicest thing that had ever been done. ^^

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What great people you both are. To help each other like that is a gift. Cherish it. I'm so glad you're doing better and i know you'll help him as well. Enjoy each other. Thank you for sharing.... (:
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I cut my neighbors lawn for free for years take trash out and did his garden. I refused his money. He passed away now his daughter sends me two hundred bucks every two or three months for helping him and because my health went bad. There is karma

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