I was texting my friend, and all of a sudden, I got a text from all of my classmates saying "we'll never talk to you again." Even my bff! Now none of them are responding! What do I do?


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Talk don't text. Your meanings wont be understood or forwarded

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It almost sounds like a practical joke, but talk to your best friend in person and see what the problem is. Don't text. I learned a while back that texting can cause more problems than it fixes. Best of luck to you.

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YOU know what might have caused it for sure because its a mass exodus. I suggest you do some damage control ASAP. There are two sides to every story, yours theirs and the truth.  I suggest you start approaching them in person ready to explain, apologize, rectify. I'm saying you KNOW why this happened. It is not a coincidence, right Noah?

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ALL of your CLASSMATES? Every single one?

Sounds like some sick, twisted evil prank to get you worried. And if you find out they were being serious, they were never really good friends to be with anyway. With the way that they responded, they made the situation extremely dramatic, and I just absolutely despise when people do that. If they did it on purpose and you decide to try to be friends with them again, don't expect that they'll lend you a helping hand in your time of need.

However, if it's also a prank, then that also makes them bad people to be friends with, because let's be honest, why would an entire classroom set of students band together to pull off a prank on you and get you extremely worried over nothing? I wouldn't even bother looking at them, let alone communicating with them in any way if they were like that.

But, it's best if you confront them all and find out what's really happening.

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