I am considering breast reduction surgery at sixteen. DDD size. They cause neck, back, and shoulder pain, embarrassment, and weird stares and comments from others. But I'm scared of scarring, and having regrets. Help! I really need advice, what should I do?


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Wait at least a few years, that way you'll know whether it is the right decision for you. Obviously, it will be scary if you do get it done, but you should be certain that it is the right decision. If you're not sure about doing it, then wait until you are sure. In the meantime, there are probably some exercises that you can do to help your back. 

You can probably find some online, but if you're not sure, try pilates or yoga, or ask your doctor or osteopath. Good luck :)

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Thanks for answering! But I can't wait a few years because my insurance only covers it now. So I have to make a decision now. I can't afford it if my insurance doesn't cover it, that's why I'm so upset about making a decision.
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Usually if someone was considering reconstructive surgery at 16 I would advise against it, but given what you have said about the pain you're experiencing, I completely understand why you are considering this as an option.

The first thing I would advise is speaking with the doctor who would carry out the procedure. No elective surgery is taken lightly, and they will talk you through exactly what will be involved, recovery time, and any possible complications.

Plastic surgeons these days are highly skilled, and have advanced techniques to keep scarring to a minimum- but they will be able to explain exactly how this is done better than I can. They are highly trained physicians who are experienced in dealing with people who are unsure about making what is unquestionably a big decision, especially for someone your age.

If after talking to them and finding out all of the information you are still not 100%, my advice is to wait, even if this affects your insurance options. You may be in a financial position to change your mind in a few years, and in the mean time you won't have to go through a big medical procedure that you are not comfortable with.

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Decision for breast reduction surgery is too early. This is growing age and multiple changes occur in growing age. You can reduce the size with exercise and wait few more years and then if the results are not desirable then you can think about surgery after proper consultation with well reputed surgeon.

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