What is the liquid that comes out of a woman's vagina when aroused?


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It's called arousal fluid. It's a fluid that is
produced in response to either physical or mental sexual stimulation. The fluid is produced by two glands, called
Bartholin Glands, that are situated near the opening of the vagina. The
physiological purpose of the fluid is to lubricate the vagina for the
possibility of intercourse. The characteristics of arousal fluid are
clear, wet, moist, and slippery.

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The liquid secreted by a woman's vagina when she's aroused is known as vaginal lubricative fluid .  This lubricating fluid is always present within females, but its production is increased during arousal.

What does vaginal lubricative fluid contain?

Vaginal lubricative fluid is made up from water, lactic acid, acetic acid, urea, squalene and pyridine, among other things that are difficult to pronounce.

Funnily enough, vaginal lubricative fluid is slightly acidic, and can increase in its acidic nature if the female has contracted a sexually transmitted disease.

How is it created?

Vaginal lubricative fluid is created by nerves that increase blood flow within the vagina.  As this occurs, an increased amount of fluid is released in anticipation of sexual intercourse. 


Some women experience vaginal dryness due to a lack of lubricative fluid.  This can occur for many different reasons, but can increase in likelihood if the woman is anxious at the time of sexual intercourse.

If a woman produces too little vaginal lubricative fluid then sex can be very painful for her and her male partner.  There are plenty of artificial lubricants available to buy that can be used to counter this issue.

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