This is crazy but I have a mega crush on this girl and I'm planning on kissing her before term ends. I gave her a bracelet but i'm really shy and worried?


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Molly is awkward Profile

Ok first off are you guys even dating? If not you seem to be rushing things in her eyes and girls hate that! And if I were you I'd ask her out before just kissing her because what if she sees you as a friend and then you just randomly kiss her?! What would she think after? Probably nothing good. But I understand where you're coming from! And its sweet but still..... Just take things slow boost your confidence and ask her out (that is if you're not dating) hope that helped because I sound like an old lady yelling at someone lol!

Victoria Picking Profile

I wouldn't be worried about liking this girl, as
chances are this girl likes you too, especially if you do nice things
such as giving her bracelets.

You say you plan on kissing this girl at the end
of term. Some advice that I would give you is to make sure that this
girl wants to be kissed before you progress with this plan. If you are not currently going out with her, then I think you should maybe take things a bit slower. 

you attempt to kiss her, ask her out on a date and spend some time
with her. Girls don't like it if they are rushed into things like
this. Your best bet is to take it slow and steady.

If you are already going out with her, then you
need to talk to her, as this is the best way you can know how she
feels, and if she is ready to move the relationship forward. Don't be
disheartened if she is not ready yet, these things take time. 

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