What are some good ways to deal with an emotionally abusive parent? Like coping strategies and confrontational habits? Thanks for any advice in advance.


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Firstly DO NOT confront the emotionally abusive parent.  He or she will deny it and and try and make out you are too sensitive or imagining it.  Keep very calm and nod.  Don't shout back either... When they are attacking you ignore them... But pretend to listen. Remember all the things they say aren't true... And when you can... Get out... Leave home and have limited contact. And if they become violent phone the authorities... Tell someone and try your relatives.  Do not confront them about their behaviour they will flip out at you... And even if it isn't your fault, aplogise - this will appease the narcissist.  Get some therapy after you get out of there.  Use calm and rational statements when they are shouting at you or criticising you and make a point of agreeing with them up to a point and do not respond to insults. Do not shout at them either... They will go ape. 

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As my Father was very abusive to me as a kid, I just learned to block it out and turned to my Mother and siblings. They were a great help. I joined the Army right after high school and did two tours in Vietnam. After that, it never bothered me again. Do your best to ignore what you can. I stayed away as much as I could to get away from it. Good luck!

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