How do I stop fighting with my mom?


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All right so i don't want to be rude but the reason why you fight with your mom is might be because you get a attitude with her their is nothing worse than that! So try to listen to what she says when shes talking to you and not get snippy with her because she will just give it to you back!

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Hey, I know it's hard to stop fighting with your mum. It's something that happens with a lot of teens. Here are a few things you can do to try to stop fighting with your mum:

  • Take a deep breath. When you feel an argument coming, try to take a deep breath and count to ten. Slowly walking away (without provoking your mum into thinking you're being stroppy) from the situation might also help.
  • Try to relax. If you find yourself getting angry or stressed a lot, doing some mindfulness exercises might help. You might feel a bit silly at first, but I do these regularly when I feel stressed and they really help me relax! I've posted an example below:

  • Find time to do fun stuff with your mum. When I used to fight with my mum, I thought she was really embarrassing and annoying, so why would I want to hang out with her?! But now that I do stuff with my mum, like go shopping or go for lunch with her, we argue less. I think it's because we get to talk more - about our separate lives and the parts that merge together. That way, we know what is a touchy subject for us both and it stops us from fighting as much.
  • Think before you say. This one I find very hard! It can be easy to say things in the heat of the moment which will fuel the argument, but practise thinking about what you're going to say before you actually say it. Ask yourself: "Is this necessary?" "Is this a nice thing to say to my mum?" "Is it a relevant point in the discussion?" If you answer no to any of these questions, chances are it's not worth saying.
  • Talk to your mum about what you've asked here. If you are asking how to stop fighting with your mum, it shows that you don't want to fight with her. Your mum is probably asking herself how she can stop fighting with you! Why not talk to her about this?
I hope I've helped a little bit. Good luck!

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When you feel like you and your mom are about to fight just pause, take a deep breathe and say okay. Don't raise your voice or make any hand gestures. If you're arguing about a certain topic and you don't feel like arguing just say okay and walk away. Show her that you don't want to argue so that she does not feel like she has to argue with you to prove her point.

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Mums can be hard sometimes...right? Explain to her that you're not just a kid anymore and hope she'll understand.

Ask her for more privacy, responsibility or whatever it is you're fighting about...

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When you sense a fight about to come on with your mom, take a step back, count to 10 and than try to express to your mom about what you are feeling and why you are feeling that way. Sometimes when you begin to get angry and do not filter through why this is when screaming occurs and she may scream back. This does not accomplish anything. You need to figure out why you are mad and first and than try to express a logical explanation calmly so it does not become a hostile environment.

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