Is Having Sex A Good Thing Or A Bad Thing?


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Deciding whether sex is a good thing or a bad thing will really come down to context. Sex in itself is a biological act as natural as eating or sleeping. Having said that, there are health risks and social, religious and legal implications to sex that you should be aware of.

How can sex be bad for you?

The first thing that comes to mind under this topic is the spread of 'Sexually Transmitted Diseases' (or STDs). Having unprotected sex (where potentially infected bodily fluids are exchanged) is the main cause for the spread of STDs.

Currently, it is thought that millions of people around the world are carriers of some form of STD, which means that wearing protection is very important when having sex with someone whose sexual history you are uncertain of.

Sexual crimes and violence are another negative side to human sexuality. Whilst we are all bubbling with natural hormones that effect our sexual impulses, there are people who cannot contain or direct these impulses in a positive way, and who choose instead to commit sexual crimes ranging from harassment to rape.

Let's talk about sex

Sex is often a difficult subject for people to discuss, this is mainly because it is seen as taboo amongst certain groups of people.

Until fairly recently, even countries with 'progressive' attitudes towards sex had very strong reservations about discussing sex or flaunting sexuality.

In a more modern context, many religions forbid sexual encounters before marriage (in some countries this is even enforced by law).

In strongly religious communities, anything that contradicts this stance or entices others to do so is seen as blasphemous.

How can sex be a good thing?

With all the negative information about sex out there, it is sometimes easy to forget why people have sex in the first place! Apart from being the (main) way humans procreate or reproduce, sex can also be an intensely pleasurable experience and a very intimate way to express your love to someone.

Although it is important to be aware of all the dangers of sex, I think it is equally important to consider that positive sexuality is an important part to a healthy and balanced adult lifestyle.
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Sex can be a beautiful thing but it depends on if YOU are ready and an adult. If you're a child, then yes, sex can definitely be a bad thing because you can end up with a baby...STD's...etc....

Sex comes with consequences and those are some of the consequences you would be facing. It only takes one time! But if you are mature enough and adult enough to make a grown-up decision then it can be beautiful.

It's beautiful when you've found the one you KNOW you're going to be with for the rest of your life. That's when it becomes beautiful. It's not so good when you're going from partner to partner. So if you are a virgin, then save that for Mr. Right...Not Mr. Right now! You will regret it! If you aren't, then okay! Learn from that mistake and start thinking smart.
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If I were to list what I worry most about having sex, this would be my answer:

1. Would I get pregnant?
2. Would I get STDs/AIDS?
3. I wouldn't be a virgin any more

Number '3' above will be on my mind only 'after' sex. Sex, after all is an "in the moment" thing. You don't have to really think that much. Sex is best with someone you love and trust (not with someone who sees you as a sex object).

For wonderful orgasms, you have to talk seductively and be really passionate with your lovemaking. Sex should be enjoyable to the both of you.

This question is really vague. Another possibility could be that you're asking if sex is good for health. Of course, it is …considering the workout that you get, the relaxation that you enjoy and the promotion of blood circulation in your body.
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It can be both good and bad. If you're just doing it because he/she says you have to if you love them, then that's not right. You do it when you're older for one because you can get AIDS or other things that are out there. You can also have non-thought-out kids - when I say that, it means you didn't plan it. And then you will be stuck raising kids instead of having a young happy life.
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It's bad if you use contraception, if you do not truly love the person, if you do not understand and accept that you may become pregnant, and if you are doing it outside marriage for pleasure.
It's good if you are trying to have a baby or are married (preferably both), if you do not use contraception, and if you truly understand what you are doing and know and love the person.

I personally think it's disgusting and pointless unless you wish to have a baby.
It's good when you're mature about the situation and an adult! ... But if you are not mature and not an adult, then it isn't such a good thing probably.
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If you're seriously asking this question, then just wait to have sex. When you're ready, find a good man or woman and go for it. There is nothing to be ashamed of.
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Sex is one of those deliciously controversial and often frequently counter-intuitive things that run our lives. From a moralistic standpoint, the more "good" it is (ask Justice14), usually the more "bad" the sex is. While from the deviant's standpoint, the more moralistically "bad" the sex is, it is more or less guaranteed to be quite "good." Furthermore, I invoke God, wherever he is about these days, to answer us if he didn't want us to use contraception, wouldn't it have been easier and more prudent so to speak just to make sex less enjoyable?
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It can be both. Bad when you are too young and risk pregnancy, as one example but good, even wonderful in a loving relationship - in which case it is not "having sex" but it is making love. There is a huge difference.

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