My husband bought me a mini dress, but its so short it shows my knickers if I sit or bend. How do I tell him it is way too short? He loves it and really thinks I should wear it at a up and coming party?


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Lard Ass answered

Don't wear any knickers! You think he likes the skirt now....don't wear any knickers and you won't make it to the party! Ha!

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Rooster Cogburn , Rooster Cogburn, answered

If he bought you a dress like that, he really thinks you're sexy! Just don't wear any knickers and have fun. That's if you even make it to the party !  Take it as a compliment that he thinks you'll look great in it. If you do make the party, just wait till you get home ! :)

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Marta Catalano answered

Well, I'd say you are pretty much free to wear whatever you want to wear.

Now, it is nice that your husband bought you a dress but if you don't feel comfortable wearing then don't. Tell him if he asks you, and explain why. But do not feel like you must wear it only because he likes it. I mean, he thinks you should wear it but if you think you shouldn't then don't.

Do not feel pressured only because he made this gift to you. How often does it happen to receive a gift we don't like? It doesn't mean we are ungrateful, you can show gratitude in many other ways and you can also be thankful for the simple fact that he gave you a gift... But wearing it only because it feels like an obligation doesn't sound good to me.

However, if you feel like you can do this little 'sacrifice' for one night, or for one party only then by any means do it. As Rooster said, it might means he thinks you look good in that dress  and would like to see you wearing it at least once. My point here is that you should do what comes most naturally to you without anyone or anything else forcing you. Hope this helps!

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