I was playing a game of dare and my dare was to french kiss my ex or my hair will be cut off, and I was shy so i was going to cut my hair but he really wanted it. He called me over, and I was going to give him a peck but he turned it into tongues. What does it means?


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It means that he wants to get back with you, and from the way you are talking about it, it sounds like you want him too.. Why did you guys split up in the first place? And would you mind being back together?

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Sophie Marian
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Aha well omg! I'd wish to be you right now Larissa cause I really want to get back with my ex and hearing that your ex still wants you is sweet! He wants you and don't miss your chance! I once lost my chance so if you want him then tell him how you feel and finally ...get back together if you's really want each other!!
larissa kowlessar
umm yea i really like him well we broke up because of a false rumor i know that's stupid right???
larissa kowlessar
well sophie look you can tell him look for the signs tell me some signs he has been showing you!!!!! does he talk to you? smile? gets jealous when he sees you with other boys? i would love to help and how often do you get to c him???

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