I accused my fiancée of cheating and she says she hasn't. She's disappointed & angry that I even thought that. How can I keep her? I can't lose her!


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Nick Major Profile
Nick Major answered

you have to trust her. People don't like being doubted. How would you feel if you were late getting home one night and she accused you of cheating.

wounds like that take time to heal. So you first need to start by apologizing. Just saying your sorry doesn't cut it. You need to show her. You need to prove to her you were wrong to accuse her of cheating. If she truly loves you she will forgive you in time.

and next time you make a accusation like that you might want to do your research next time.

Holly D'Anna Profile
Holly D'Anna answered

Ok wow this is why you shouldn't accuse people until you have full proof! Well you're going to have to prove your trust in her to try and get things back on track. Might take a little time until things get back to normal, but if she cares for you then she will forgive you.

I say sit her down, make sure she understands this didn't come from you not trusting or loving her, but just some silly mix-up. And then suggest to do something special like go out somewhere to clear this out and help you guys get over it.

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