Is a long distance relationship unhealthy, even if you communicate for more than half a day (via Skype)?


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Stephanie Hines answered

I was in a long distance relationship and we ended up getting married. I think dating someone in person is just as dangerous as online because you really don't know them at first. Months and even years of talking and really getting to know how a person thinks and feels can help you know them better. I'm not sure how often you talk to your boyfriend/girlfriend but excessive talking is never a good thing. It's okay to talk for long periods of time as long as you don't feel like you have to talk to that person every breathing moment of your life. I'm not sure if your relationship is healthy or not but if you feel you can trust this person I say to go for it. I talked to my husband alot before we were married and I made sure that we were involved in our families lives. I hope your long distance relationship works out!

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