Why does my wife have a low libido?


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xin mei , give she a sexy sleepwear, answered

If you want to make your wife happy, you can buy her some nice lingerie. Here are some of my favorites that I enjoy wearing for my husband and that also help me feel more confident and get me in the mood a bit more.

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You should also try talking and communicating with your wife more. A low libido can sometimes be caused by psychological factors like lack of passion, trust, affection.

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Heaven Angel , lol, was never married but I'm guessing most changes in people's moods have the same underlying cause. Bad diet or slow metabolism leading t, answered


I don't recomend chilli with food cause that can cause some people to eat too fast etc. I do recomened taking one or two after a good meal...with water and lots of it.

Only natural and effective way to get someone in a real good mood  :-)

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There are many different things that can cause lower libido. Age, hormones, diet and exercise, etc. If you want to heat things up in the bedroom, make the time! Help her with the dishes, ask her about her day. Give her a massage. Pay a little more attention to her needs and she will be so grateful!

A stressed out, underappreciated wife = no sex....

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