How to impress women online dating?


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The 3 key factors to consider are: Education, money, and success.

1.) Education:

It's common sense that women are more likely to date guys who have a better education, because a better education means an increased chance to get a higher paying job, which leads to more money, which also leads to the next key factor.

2.) Money:

In the real world, money = power. This special green paper serves as elements to help you get by in the real world and be successful. Therefore, women are more likely to date men who have more money, because as I've mentioned before, money = power.

3.) Success:

Plan out your goals and achieve them by busting through obstacles that might come in your way. In my case, my huge goal for the future is to discover a cure for a disease that has already killed millions of people. I've planned out how I will spend my years in university - studying and primarily focusing on biology and chemistry related courses to help me become a biomedical researcher, and so far, I am very confident that I can achieve this goal. Achieving goals leads to success, and women look for successfulness in men that they want to date.

So, to recap, you can impress women, whether it be face-to-face or by online dating, by stating that you have managed to complete very high education, have alot of money, and are successful. But it's best if you are truthful about these things because, well, if they find out that you lied about at least one of these things, then they'll just leave you.

So be truthful, but at the same time, impress them as much as you can by focusing on these three key factors that I've mentioned and how well they apply to you.

Best of luck!

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Men say to impress a woman, they have to show off their wealth, identity, and strength. 

But in men's and women's pursuit of the game, all of them are as blind as can be.

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Be yourself. Corny simple yet true. Coming from a women who has been on dating sites there is nothing worse then senor flashy or someone who has no boundaries. Just be yourself if your goofy be a goofball, talk about what you like what makes you smile your favorite food and what makes it epic. After all if you find a girl dont you want it to be someone who likes you for all of you? So just be honest from the beginning and dont get let down because someone doesnt like you its better for you if they leave you can give all your awesomeness to someone who can appreciate it!

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Online dating is not a new concept. It's been around for quite some time and is popular. 

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