I met this girl at a party friday night and gave her my number. How long should i wait for a text or call to know if shes interested?


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Andrew Neal Profile
Andrew Neal answered

Never wait any longer than three days or she might forget and it will be awkward. Call tonight.

Miranda Innaimo Profile
Miranda Innaimo , disciple of Christ , answered

Did you pray about it? What are your intentions with this lady? Is it pure, honest, good? Is it to pursue a course towards marriage?

If not, work on yourself, and let the Spirit lead you to your perfect partner. Become who you need to be; not some stereotypical guy looking to get his serotonin fix through physical pleasure.

Do you know your life's talent? Have you studied your passion?  Ask your GOD questions and get some answers. Receive the gifts of the Spirit and allow yourself to be rooted in belief, blossoming in faith, and growing eternal in wisdom. Remember, "all things are possible through Christ Jesus who strengthens us."

However, do know: If you can follow after the One who made you along side this woman, by all means, man is not meant to be alone, and a woman is meant to be your perfect counterpart. Text or call as you feel led. God is love, after all, and if you feel you are capable of unselfishly loving another person, then do it.

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