What is it like being the oldest sibling?


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Being the oldest sibling is tough, I've had 4 younger siblings to contend with - and it hasn't been easy.

Firstly, you spend the first few years being treated like the "king of the castle", your parents dote on you and focus all their attention on you - and then snatch it all away!

But being the first child also means your parents project all their own hopes, aspirations and expectations onto you.

The good part of that is you may get more of their attention and dedication than any of the following children - but it also means you've got the most pressure heaped on you.

There's even a scientific study that was conducted recently that suggested first children are more likely to suffer from anxiety or depression in later life.


Having grown up as the "leader" of my brothers and sister - I also feel like letting that sense of control go as you get older is also difficult. In the real world, you can't always be the one who gets to boss everyone else about!

Being naturally protective and defensive is another trait I think I may have inherited from being the oldest.

While other people seem to be able to stroll through life with a care-free attitude, I'm the kind of person that gets riled up about even the smallest injustices.

I can't watch certain TV shows because they make me angry!

Being the oldest isn't all bad though.

You're always the first to try out new things, and the one your siblings look up to in awe and admiration.

You're also statistically likely to be the most intelligent. Just saying!

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Eastenders - I seriously can't watch it. All their story lines are about betrayal and deceit. And they string the plot out for so long!

I also used to watch a Japanese soccer cartoon called Holly & Benji when I was younger.

The same team always won, and they used to do impossible things like score from the other side of the pitch. Look:

So unrealistic!
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LOL! Kass! I agree 100% with your answer (and about Eastenders) ...
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@Kass - 2 of them, a brother and sister.
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Well, I am the oldest sibling in my family, and it's a mix of good and bad. If you're an only child and your parents are expecting another child, just to let you know, being the oldest is never easy!

The Good

Being the oldest sibling in the family definitely doesn't make you the "favorite" among your parents (I'm sure your parents would like you all equally), but usually the oldest is always the most privileged.

Also, being the oldest sibling makes you a role model for the younger siblings in your family. Your younger siblings will look after you and you will be able to set a positive example for them - this way you're siblings will learn what is right and what is wrong moving forward.

Lastly, some of the times the oldest sibling is the "favorite" among your other siblings. Since they will look up to you, they probably consider you a hero to them.

The Bad

It's not always easy being the oldest. Being the oldest sibling in your family means you have the most responsibility (sometimes if you're a little immature, this could be a problem!). When your parents are away, it will be you who is in charge of babysitting and everything like that. When the time comes for that, you'll realize it isn't really the easiest thing in the world.

Lastly, if you're the oldest, you may not be your siblings' "favorite", they may love pushing your buttons. Sometimes they LOVE being a nuisance to you, I've noticed it's happened a lot (especially with me in the past!).

So remember, there is some good and some bad with being the oldest sibling, but in the end, you'll most likely be happy with it. :)

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@Kass - thanks for the "Thanks"! :)
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Haha no problem - I'm an oldest child too. I think I might write my experiences in an answer too actually!
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Would love to hear your answer. :)
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Well me and my twin sister are both eldest and to be honest with you I don't feel any different nor do I feel we get any kind of special treatment. But it worth mentioning that my younger siblings are about 8 years younger than me and my twin so obviously they will need more care and attention because they are very young kids so they need the nurturing more.

My Mum say's that me and my twin were very different to my younger brother and sister, we were brought up in an environment where it was okay to go to school on your own at the age of 7. Now my Mum would NEVER allow the same for my brother and sister and that's only because times have changed and the world has become more dangerous. So basically they don't get the same luxuries, (well that normally feels good!).

Plus it's always cool to compare yourself to your younger siblings. Like telling them 'when I was your age I could do this and I could do that etc' , it's a way to get them motivated to work harder! (It works on me when people compare me and my twin...) .

But because there is such a huge age gap between my younger siblings it generally means they are spoilt by me too of course! Plus in reality my Mum has started to take more interest into me and my twin but that's only because we are in our critical stages of life , the terrible teen years and deciding what to do at University, My Mum has been such a huge support, she got me my first job , she has done a lot when I think about it , I guess she just wants to make sure we make the right decision and I'm sure she'll do the same for my other siblings.

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