I am an Aries, and my age is 63. My boyfriend is a Scorpio, and he is 49. Do you think we would ever marry?


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The easy answer is "anything is possible!"  The more complicated answer is it really depends on the each person's Astrology chart and the compatibility you both have from a planetary stand point. 

An astrologer could look at two things.  First, they can do a synastry analysis which would analyze how each person's planets work with the others.  Secondly, they could do a composite analysis which would basically combine both persons charts to make one.

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Crystal B.  Astrology
Yes, it's natural (from a planetary standpoint) that you wouldn't feel comfortable with a Scorpio Sun. Aries is a fire sign (direct, to the point, go getter, reved up for action) where Scorpio is a water sign (emotional, secretive, sensitive, slower to act, passive). Water puts fire out so in essence they just don't mesh.

With that being said, you'd really need to look at all of the planetary positions - including each person in the relationship's Rising Sign. The Rising Sign is actually the first "essence of personality" that you see when you encounter someone.

I always try to guess what Rising Sign people are when I interact with them and I know if I'm not meshing all that well it's probable a sign that doesn't mix with mine!

From a relationship standpoint - one of the things you could look for if you're looking for a perfect companion is someone who has a Rising Sign opposite to yours! The only way to determine your Rising Sign is by knowing your exact birth time.
Melinda Moore
Melinda Moore commented
That's interesting - thanks, Crystal. I'm very happily married to a Libra, so not looking for a partner, but this does explain why I find the various members of my family who are Scorpios a bit tricky to handle sometimes!
Crystal B.  Astrology
Honestly Mel - I think most people find Scorpios a bit tricky ha ha ;-) Glad to hear you've found a good Libran catch!

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