When you are shacked up, do you think whether or not your relationship will last? Could you ever think that you would ever have older, but wiser eyes?


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Being "shacked up" doesn't mean anything differently than being married. Most marriages don't last and cost a considerable amount of money to get out of it whereas being "shacked up", if it doesn't work you can just walk away. The plus side of "shacking up" is, I would think, you'd have to work harder for it to be successful - you take your spouse for granted when you're married ( generally speaking) and that leads to someone being selfish and that leads to the end. My older, wiser eyes would've preferred "shacking up".
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It would've taken more than prayers to save my marriage, i'm afraid. We were married for 22 years and the anniversarys were spent apart, our children have our last name -he has a mental illness and said he didn't love me anymore & didn't want to be married so he stayed with a stripper he'd met who left him when he ran out of money - he wanted to come back but too much damage had been done.
Joseph Michael Wasik
If prayer hadn't saved your marriage, maybe it would help you psychological stability in this tough situation. God bless you and your family. Depend on your friends and family for support.
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Friends & family are what got me through - the pastor at the church we used to attend actually prayed for us every chance he got and my mother & my best friend had us on a prayer line from Pa to Calif. I never wanted my kids to come from a broken home - but it didn't turn out that way. Thank-you for being supportive.

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