Is it considered saving someone's life if you were going to kill yourself and someone stopped you and helped you through it all?


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Eleanor jones answered
Well yes u would have saved that person wouldnt you from killing their self.
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Nadya Bean
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Yeah i just didnt know cuz its like... Different circumstances from what youd usually think someone would save your life for.
Arthur Wright Profile
Arthur Wright answered
In Gods eyes, yes, as you just prevented someone from taking their own life here, it may not be as dramatic as giving CPR to bring one back from death but the result is the same
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Maddie answered
Yes because they stopped you from death even if it was that type of death -_-
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deidre simmons answered
Yes, because if you hadn't had said that thye probably would've killed themselves but since they care so much about you and realized that they don't want to hurt yu they stayed and you helped them through it giving them a better life and saving them . Way to go (:

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