If ignorance is a bless why do we seek knowledge?


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The original expression was 'If ignorance is bliss, 'tis folly to be wise".  Note the "if" at the start.
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Tony Newcastle
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I was going to say that, Ray.
Tony Newcastle
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You failed to add, Ray, that it was written by 'Gray's Elegy' poet Thomas Gray in his 'Ode On A Distant Prospect of Eton College'.
--That shows a certain degree of blissful ignorance, in my humble opinion. :)
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Coincidentally, this saying came up recently.
There is a young woman (30's) in our village. Everyone loves her. She is carefree and full of fun. She makes everyone laugh (but never behind her back).  It would appear that her schooling was sadly neglected, owing to a severe dyslexia and she had what we would think of as a dreadful childhood. Passed from family to foster home, to childrens homes and then back to a mother who set her to work with three jobs and took all her wages. She was raped; she was further beaten by a partner who forced his way into her life and then spent time in a battered wives home.
She is a good clean hardworking lass, but understands nothing of what is going on in the world and does not want to. She bears no-one any malice. She is lovely.
When I offered to help with her education she said "on no!, please don't make me clever, it will spoil everything"
I have come to believe her. She is perfect as she is:  Blissfully ignorant. (in the nicest way possible).
Here's the rub:  I know that she does not envy me or my education, career or lifestyle...  But there have been times that I have envied her bliss !
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Gray was being satirical (sarcastic?).  Basically he said, if you're happy being ignorant, why seek education?  This was countered by, "If you think the price of education is high, think about the price of ignorance."  (No, I don't know the author).
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Because when you are ignorant, you are happy since knowledge is mostly negative and when you do not have it, you live a happy life.

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