Who would want to be 18 today?


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christna answered
Well in some ways i would and would not. Id love to be that young again and not have as many responsibilities as i have now as an adult. On the flip side even though i have all these responsibilities paying bills,homeowner etc i kind of like where i am in life right now. Even though i have a lot of responsibilities now i have the satifaction of knowing i worked hard to get to this place.
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Michelle Phy answered
Although i think we'd all like our youth back i would not trade places with todays youth for anything. The pressures are just too much & world today is not as simple as it once was. I'll stay as i am & hope i can help my own children through their rough spots. Good question.
suman kumar Profile
suman kumar answered
Not me, I would like to be double of it now loll.
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Jack Mahon answered
ME ME, ME but knowing what I know now, so I could avoid the pitfalls of this first incarnation. I also would want to know what makes women tick.
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Lynne Dwyer
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Puddin, if you don't know by now, your takin 2 steps back. Thought you had a lady that was showin you the ropes?
Jack Mahon
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Lynne, from day one to my last, women will remain an enigma.
Stewart Pinkerton Profile
I'd love to be 18 again. Obviously, I'd like to retain my 6 decades of knowledge, but what fantastic things might the next 50 years bring, when you look at the last 50?
Karen Profile
Karen answered
I would definitely take that opportunity to be 18 again...how great it would be and I would still do everything I did.....I would just take care of myself better....
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yarnlady answered
I wouldn't like to be 18 again, but I certainly would like the level of energy and healthy body I had then.
Monica Smith Profile
Monica Smith answered
I would not want to be 18 again. I wouldn't want anything younger then 21...I love my liquor and the bar way too much!
Lynne Dwyer Profile
Lynne Dwyer answered
I don't think so. All the things I did at that age, back then, would never be allowed now. Or understood. To be perfectly honest, to be 18 at this day and age, and possibly have to live or go thru the terrible times this country is going to go thru...No Thanks.
Ruth Campbell Profile
Ruth Campbell answered
Interesting the way the answers jive with what I was thinking.  At first I was going to say yes, yes, yes!  I'd love to be 18 again!  But on second thought (never underestimate the value of the second thought) no, no, no!  I don't want to go through those years again!
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Midnite star answered
I would love to have the youth & vitality of being 18 again, but I wouldn't wanna be 18 again.
I might like to go back n' change a few choices I'd made back then, but since I survived them anyway...what the heck !!
Besides...I've made some bad choices at my present age too....so what's the difference.
Just goes to prove...ya still keep ur stupid !!
Joan Profile
Joan answered
Not me.  I guess I am old enough that I have reached the age of contentment.  I am happy with my life as it is.  I could do with a few less aches and pains and certainly with taking less medications.  But my life - it's all good.
Raj Daphal Profile
Raj Daphal answered
Commonly people wants to b younger than their age. No one wants to be oldman. I also want to 18 to correct the mistakes of education. In generaly we didnt work with values of work . In 18 age we spent lots of time in playing,wondering,friends meetings  and party etc actually we hav to more concen trat on studies and career with al activities . So i want to b 18
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I'd love to fast-forward time and be 18. I don't like my life at the moment so I'd love to fast-forward.
Abigail Brandt Profile
Abigail Brandt answered
I don't think so...I'm still coping with being 15. Then turning 16 in a few months. Lol I just don't want to grow up I guess.
Ray Ottewell Profile
Ray Ottewell answered
Your right, it is a lot harder to be a teenager, in this day and age, than it was when I was in my teens, and for a lot of reasons.
gabor molnar Profile
gabor molnar answered
Mind (money)and muscular.I dont wanna be.But quantity of running!So I am standing
hard question! By the way,body weigh Ahhhhh! I was about 140 pound.
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Annie Devore answered
Yes And No  At 18 I Had Not Much Responsibilty. But Also No Kids . I Had A Low Pay Job Then Now It's Much Better..  I Have More Knowledge Now More Experience.  I Don't Take Life So Serious  Now

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