Do You Think That We Should Be Able To Say What We Want, When We Want, Whenever We Want?


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Yes, this is Freedom of Speech. But, with freedom, one must also use Respect for without respect, u have nothing really. For example, I would like to tell my boss what a FAT LAZY cow, she is; but, I can't cuz I respect my co-workers and that would not be nice to say on the workroom floor.
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Yeah sure in your own soon as you step foot out side it is another can say what ever you want but i also reserve the right to shove a bar of lava soap into your mouth and wash all the dirt out/ off your brain.: ) in other words you can say and do what ever you want until it steps on my rights then i have the right to cut you off at the knees and throw you in jail.: ). Ahhhh! The american dream.just kidding well maybe not. You can say and do what ever you want as long as you can deal with being shot with rubber bullets or being tazed.or having a group of others beat you into submission in the street .sometimes people forget and take the law into their own hands when someone goes against what is right for their we have seen in the we have seen even when the pope talks there have been what's that word fanatics try to take him have to remember some people brains don't quite reach the top floor  do to being able to do legal drugs which they were given rights by the government to do so and then you have people who's brains are affected by their deviant behaviour which effects how they see what is right and wrong .
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The others have summed it up
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No. There's a little something called respect, and with license to say whatever, whenever, respect often gets lost.
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So long as one doing what when and whenever one wants does not impose unfairly on someone else's freedom to do the same, and so long as one maintains their sacred obligations to one's children, wife, and country...
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It's  a free world with limitations governed by law and it's statues, we have the freedom to speak,
any time day or night.
emma loveees youuu xo Profile
Well sometimes it can be offensive, but it's good to have freedom of speech (aka. Just be brutally honest) lol :)
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Yes we should be able to do that. Sometimes it may come with consequences and harsh backlash but this is the risk we must weigh for what we want to say.
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Mike McCarthy answered
No. I don't think so.  If your words aren't clean, you can get into BIG trouble.  It all comes down to respect & ethics.  I'd rather be say clean words than say bad words & get slapped around for saying them.
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Do I Think That you Should Be Able To Say What you Want, When you Want, Whenever you Want? NO, There are certain norms of society to which you should adhere. The Sun does not rise and set on your wants or dislikes.  There is a time and place for everything. There are consequences for all our thoughts words and deeds. If you violate these norms which are guidelines which were established for civility in our society you will either be praised or scorned. More likely scorned so be prepared for chastisement.
Jewelly A. Shetka Profile
Free speech or not, there is a thing called 'tact',
not to mention 'common courtesy' and 'common
sense', both of which aren't nearly as common
as the names imply.  Respect, for others as
well as for yourself, is also a factor.   If one
says what, where and how they want, that's
going to cause problems.   What can be ironed
out if everyone is screaming their views at the
top of their lungs, some agreeing, some disagreeing
and a few are yelling something not even related
to the subject(s) at hand?   A lovely way to set up
a Mad Hatter's Tea Party in this side of the looking
glass, don't you think?
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Kaley Mayhew answered
Um, *sigh* I wish that I could say yes but my own tendency to do that has gotten me into so much trouble that I'm going to say that it's not always appropriate to do so. We may have "freedom of speech" but there's many limits to that even though we're supposed to be able to say those things that we wanna say..
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William Harkin answered
Hi OmnoM.No I don't think we should be able to just blurt out what we're thinking,imagine all the people we would hurt.I'm all for free speech but you have temper it with discretion,just think of all the bigots out there,they would have a field day using the N word,swear and curse when there are children about,not to mention certain religions.In fact we should be very careful what we say and to whom we say it.LOL
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Ady Mat answered
Yes, if it does not harms any innocent's interest and society's greater concern.
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Absolutely not. People have to exercise good manners based on respect and compassion. That means not saying any thing they want any time they want.
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Technically, here in the United States we have freedom of speech and can say what we want, when we want.  There are some exceptions to that rule:  You can not yell fire in a crowded theater, in doing so it is assumed that you are smart enough to know that someone may be harmed in the rush for the doors & if someone is harmed you are liable.  You must use discretion with your speech.  If you do not mind risking life and limb, you can say whatever you wish to a gang banger or a well known felon. Etc.    You can yell at the top of your lungs in front of your former employers office building until someone complains you are interfering with their peace and quiet (you can't disturb the peace).  So, although we say we have freedom of speech, there are some restrictions when you begin to infringe on the freedoms that belong to another person.  Other than that, you go right ahead and say I am fat....if you are brave enough!  Ha.

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