What Makes You Feel Contented In Life?


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A good movie with a snack and a nice warm bed.
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Friends and family. Although really only my mother, the rest of my family are not people I like to be around for long periods of time. But friends are always going to make someone feel good. In general and at the time you are hanging out with each other.
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suman kumar answered
When i have my goal accomplished getting my present problems solved and having kids.
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luth dela cruz answered
When I saw my Jhana in her most stable life...
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Ilina answered
and the drive for ambition and dreams. Adventure of the mystical world
strange happenings
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Karen answered
Success and my daughter. I will be the MOST content when I know she is grown with a good JOB and is happy. Then I can pass on into the next phase happy that she is happy.
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G'day Hildadrago,

Thank you for your question.

Good times with family and friends. Achieving something that I have wanted to. Those are things that make me most contented with life.

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The Dragon
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Thanks...You know I am wondering why you have to thank all the blurters who contributed questions here..Are you one of the administrators?
Keith Old
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No I just like to be polite and thank people for their questions.
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Been able to do something worthy of doing. Like doing something for other etc.(it includes personal welfare things sometimes).
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The Dragon
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I'm proud of you...
Ady Mat
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:) I don't know if that is right or wrong what I wrote back there as I happen to flow with the time demand. I think god should take credit of my rights and wrongs.

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